Ski Javalambre

Javalambre is a Spanish destination recognized for its mountain range that forms a mountain massif of Aragon. If we are looking for an ideal place to ski we can visit this destination located less than an hour from Valencia and Zaragoza (currently the largest number of travelers arriving in Javalambre come from the Valencia, Aragonese and Catalan Community).

Ski Javalambre

Javalambre station

The Javalambre station has more than fourteen skiable kilometers that are divided into fourteen tracks that can accommodate more than ten thousand skiers and that we can visit throughout the winter season since it has a modern snow production system.

In Aramón Javalambre we will find all kinds of services such as ski school, repair rental service and ski rental, self-service, guard service for our skis, medical service, parking and cafeteria.

In addition, it is important to note that the Javalambre station is recognized for having monitors for all types of skier level, so in the ski school we will have personal and group classes, depending on our requirements the classes may be one hour Up to three hours, in addition, we have supervision of qualified personnel during our entire stay in its facilities.

Skiing in Javalambre

We must not believe that this destination can only be visited in winter since the station is also operational in summer, when outdoor activities such as canyoning, mountain biking, climbing, hiking and paragliding are carried out.

Winter promotions in Javalambre

At this time of the year it is common for ski resorts to carry out promotions for their visitors and the Javalambre station is no exception. There are currently several offers among them: the Ski Pack + Rental + Ski Lessons Expert in Javalambre that includes Ski Pass, Assistance + Deposit, Ski equipment rental and expert ski lessons for a period of two hours for 53 euros. (This offer is only available on Thursdays and reservations must be made 24 hours in advance).

Ski slopes in Javalambre

If we are fond of extreme sports, we can opt for the Ski Pack + Snow Rental in Javalambre for 46 euros. This pack must be booked 24 hours in advance and can only be booked for a maximum of three consecutive days.

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