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Sky City – Tokyo

Sky City, Sky City 1000 or Tokyo Sky City It is an ambitious project that has been studied in this city for two decades. Sky City is a skyscraper that seeks to take the title of the tallest building in the world when trying to exceed a thousand meters high.

The idea of ​​carrying out Sky city It was from the construction company Takenaka Corporation, but so far the project has not been approved, because no one can guarantee the necessary security measures for a building of such magnitude.

Solutions? The specialists have raised many, being the most acceptable: use a radius of eight square kilometers only to plant the bases on which the structure would be based; build the tower by segments, leaving a gap of one floor every ten that are built (in these “hollow” floors the gardens and parks would be located); and make a circular structure to ensure ventilation of the spaces.

Sky City has been thought of as a modern city that will combine futuristic architecture with an artificial environment. It is estimated that, within the more than eight hundred hectares that it would cover, it could house more than thirty thousand inhabitants and one hundred thousand workers or visitors from office and shopping center environments, which would add an average of 150 thousand people who would transit their facilities through day.

For now, tests are being carried out to know if it is feasible to fight fires within such a high structure, while they are testing designs for high-speed elevators with a capacity of over seventy people. We will see what happens in the future, although we know that Japan is one of the countries that has the necessary technical and economic resources to carry out a work of this magnitude.

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