Skydive in Empuriabrava

In recent years, Empuriabrava It has become the center of attention for hundreds of tourists and travelers who are fond of adventure sports, becoming one of the most important destinations for parachute adventures, highlighting within them the skydrive.

practice skydive

Of all the ideal destinations for skydiving What can we find, Empuriabrava It is one of the most popular centers in all of Europe. Here are a series of adventure and activity offers for professionals and amateurs in search of new experiences.

Recently the Skyidive skydiving center in Empuriabrava has achieved a new record when I get almost a hundred paratroopers to break a world mark in the freefly mode, doing a double training in the same jump.

Skydive Empuriabrava

All this makes Empuriabrava a universal reference for the world, accessing all kinds of offers to experience an unforgettable day. Within the recommended centers in this destination of Girona for practice skydrive, stand out:

Skydive Empuriabrava: If you are a demanding athlete and you like adrenaline, do not hesitate to arrive at this parachuting center, with the most impressive views and modern facilities. Up here tourists and international competitors to move in their airfield, receiving the assistance of experts. Prices from 125 euros.

Skydive Empuriabrava Center: One of the best benchmarks for skydiving at any time of the year. Annually more than one and a half million jumps are recorded, a figure that exceeds its previous mark every year.

Skydive in Empuriabrava

In addition to performing jumps at a professional level, we also have the possibility to attend courses and make jumps with the guidance of a staff that will assist you at all times. The prices for the courses range from 530 euros per person, while an individual jump reaches 250 euros.

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