Skydiving Course

You don’t need to be a professional to learn to master free fall. You can take a skydiving course in different schools, such as Skydive Cillo. The PAC method It is the most suitable if you want to be a skydiver.

skydiving courses

The course has a more advanced level than the static line. You can learn the skydiving procedures, techniques and especially to dominate the sequences of the free fall, the position in which the body should be, landings and safety; as well as knowing what to do in emergencies.

Skydiving courses with an instructor

The course covers seven levels or jumps. Each from 4 thousand meters. At the beginning, two instructors accompany the apprentice.

first and advanced skydiving courses

The last four jumps are done with only one of them. Before climbing, ground training exercises are performed, as it is necessary to practice well the sequence that will be done in the air and thus be able to meet the objectives that each level requires.

Skydiving courses descending

Skydiving course, from the ascent to the plane to the descent of the students with their instructors.

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