Skydiving equipment

The skydiving It is a sport that takes place at a minimum 850 meters high and a maximum of 4 thousand meters. It is practically a free fall that is done by throwing off an airplane, most of the time, and when it falls to a certain height, the parachute that athletes have on their backs is opened.

skydiving launching from the plane

Before opening the parachute, in some cases, paratroopers perform some pirouettes or figures in the air.

group skydiving in the air

To perform this sport it is important to do previous workouts, that is if you want to throw yourself alone, since sometimes when it is the first time, The first is launched with an instructor.

skydiving throwing with an instructor

But you never have to forget the necessary equipment for skydiving such as: gloves, the helmet, the glasses which are important to keep your eyes open, since this is usually difficult due to the pressure of the fall, the double parachute including the emergency and a altimeter.

parachute descending

Free skydiving.

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