Skydiving in Asturias

Every trip to the north of Spain is a moment of inspiration, serenity, peace and joy in every sight by the horizon of its green meadows, long and curved roads, from the top of the mountains, snowy peaks, blue skies that give a beauty worthy of mention by Asturias.

The greatest travel relationship is with the desire to know not only the culture, way of life and history of the region but rather that of being able to be in contact with the natural side, climbing, mountain biking, riding horse or as today we will tell you to launch from 4000 meters at ground level at full speed with the adrenaline and wind running down your face for a minute and then shoot the similar and descend enjoying the view of its medieval villages and in the horizon of the peaks of Europe for a period of 5 minutes of descent until reaching the mainland!

Skydiving Asturias

Unfortunately, there is no greater offer of companies dedicated to it by Asturias Due to the locality and the meteorological conditions of the flight, so we advise you to set aside the activity well in advance in Sky Dive, one of the companies that performs professional skydiving in several of the Spanish regions.

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