Skydiving in Madrid

An excellent option to enjoy exciting and adrenaline filled vacations is the skydiving. The modality of the tandem jump allows the adventurer to jump into a parachute without the need for valuable experience or parachuting courses. So you can take your first jump. It is also a different option to spend the weekend.

Skydiving in Madrid

More and more people, between the 16 years and the 45, who seek to practice some adventure sport, to disconnect from day to day and enjoy free time to the fullest. One of them is skydiving, which causes an impact on those who practice it and on the spectators.

Skydiving in Madrid launching

In Madrid there are several schools and several centers where courses are taught skydiving and free fall, where you will learn the basics of how to jump and safety measures until you become an expert. Among them are Skydive, Danco Leisure & Adventure Skydiving, Sparta Leisure & Adventure Skydiving.

Group skydiving in Madrid

The course that dictates Skydive use the teaching method PAC, Accelerated Free Fall Program, known internationally as A.F.F, (Acelerated Free Fall). It is one of the programs with the best results, in terms of safety and speed. From the beginning, it jumps from 4 thousand meters. The student has free fall time with his instructors.

Skydiving demonstration, since launch.

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