Skydiving in Madrid

In Madrid We will find many sports centers that will give us the possibility of skydiving. Below we list the most popular agencies to perform this extreme sport in the Spanish capital.

Skydiving in Madrid

Skydive Aerobalas: This is a company that is based in Cuenca, and has become a universal benchmark for skydiving not only in Madrid, but throughout Spain. The prices are relatively cheap (the cheapest package is € 195 with photos and video). Located 150 km from the capital, do not hesitate to take a walk through this wonderful setting to practice skydiving as you never imagined before (preparation courses are also included).

Skydive Lillo: Based in Toledo, Skydrive Lillo is a magnificent destination for skydiving at very high heights, so it is necessary to meet a series of requirements before participating. Located 50 minutes from the Spanish capital, the center includes a group of instructors and specialists who will guide you at all times, especially if it is your first time. Prices from € 75.

Skydiving Madrid

Skydive Madrid: Now it is the turn to talk about this impressive center that has the most privileged views of Madrid. The points and zones of jumps are made in the most exclusive places of the city, with the constant assistance of professionals with several years of verifiable experience. If you don't have enough skydiving experience, this is a good place to start. Prices from € 180.

Skydiving in Madrid

Sparta Leisure & Adventure Paraca: and finally we have this complete service to practice skydiving and benefit from other complementary services. Located near Collado Mediano, enjoy stunning views and clear all your doubts with the online attention from the official website.

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