Skydiving in Seville

The skydiving Sports has several modalities. Some of the most practiced in Spain they are the flight in formation to 4, 8 and 16 people, freestyle, skysurfing and chute assi and great formations. All of these require basic technical knowledge. Once the athlete handles the technique, he can choose between the type of jump he likes best.

skydiving in Seville

There are several courses of skydiving initiation in Seville. In this type of courses, the jumps are made with automatic opening, that is, a cinnamon is attached to the plane and this is the one that extracts the parachute from its container. Students can perform three jumps, if done correctly, they are prepared to make the jump with manual opening.

skydiving in Seville launching

In Seville they are also made Tandem parachute jumps, the most recommended jumps for people who want to experience the sensation of flight. For this, the interested party goes through 20 minutes of instruction, in addition to a panoramic flight of 30 minutes to ascend above 3,500 meters.

group skydiving in Seville

Afterwards, the student is suspended from the instructor’s harness and thus performs 2,000 meters of freefall, to which the 10 minutes of flight with deployed parachutes are added and a soft landing is made.

Preparation to practice skydiving.

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