Sledding in the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees, a mountain range formed by an extensive succession of mountains along the north of the Iberian Peninsula, extending from the Spanish north to the French borders by 415 kilometers, where some of its highest peaks exceed 3,000 meters high, they are now training headquarters for a sport brought from the Nordic countries, the “Mushing” or dog sledding.


From being a daily way of life and only way of locomotion, to be transported quickly through the icy surfaces, it has now become part of the recreational activities in several countries where snow forms a way of life, places like Berlin headquarters of the Winter racing of sleds pulled by Huskies, or also in places like Tierra del Fuego, of beautiful mountains covered by snow and green slopes near its lake, until reaching the Pyrenees in Spain.


The Pyrenees with its erroneous and staggered geography did not possess this custom in previous times, but due to the influences of tourists from other icy regions, Mushing is now booming on its summits where not only Husky dogs participate but also some of breeds locals and some others like the Alaskan Malamute (big and strong dogs). Anticipating the visitor of an adventure of the frozen corners, the poles of the earth, but here in our kingdom of Spain.


During this season approaching March, the sled races run closer to the celebrations and competitions of the Pyrenees!

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