Snowmobiles in Astún

In the Aragonese Pyrenees we are very close to the border with France to the ski resort of Astún. The station has more than forty kilometers of ski slopes with the highest peak at La Raca, more than two thousand three hundred meters high and a negligible slope of three hundred meters.

snowmobile in astun

If we travel to this destination to enjoy a weekend or a few days of vacation, we should know that in the surroundings of Astún we will have everything you need for an unforgettable vacation, for example, hotels, professional equipment stores, restaurants, bars, gift shops, health care centers, among others. Also, in it ski resort We will have ski school, nursing, equipment rental, ski lifts, and everything you need to have a complete experience in snow sports.

Rent snowmobiles

In Astún we will not only find tracks for skiing, we will also have great paths of trails ideal for snowmobiling, which are characterized by ideal levels of inclination for those who start in this practice or for those who already know how to ride snow and seek to have an experience with higher doses of adrenaline.

snow sports in astun

He snowmobile circuit It starts from the parking area and extends for a little more than seven kilometers where we can enjoy this experience with all the necessary safety measures thanks to the monitors that will give us the motorcycle riding course and, that, if we are beginners, They will accompany us on our tour.

It is important to note that the rental of snowmobiles is per hour (prices range from 35 euros) and that the driving courses are separate. In addition, you can only rent snowmobiles from the age of 14 and whenever we are accompanied by an adult, being regularly recommended to perform this practice in a group if we are not familiar with the handling of snowmobiles.

snow in astun

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