Snowmobiles in Boi Taull

If we are passionate about adventure sports And more than winter sports, we can visit Boi Taull and enjoy its leisure offers not only for skiing, since we will also have snowmobiles, snow bikes and snowshoes.

Snowmobiles in Boi Taull

Boí Taüll Resort It is located in the Pyrenees of Lleida and offers us everything necessary to enjoy snow sports as it has the highest levels and a privileged location to the north. Unlike those that many may believe, it is not only possible to enjoy the snow shod on some skis, since there are several alternatives within white sport and one of them is snowmobiling.


With the snowmobiles this ski resort, we can enjoy the Boí Valley, head to the top of the mountain and once above not only enjoy a privileged view, but a moment in direct contact with nature.

He snowmobile rental It goes from 35 euros for half an hour and we go alone or in a group, the station will assign us to a monitor, which will be in charge of giving us the basic indications and of following us during the tour in order to guarantee our safety.

Snowmobiles Baqueira

Once we finish the snowmobile tour, we can opt for snowshoes. In them we can explore every corner of the mountains and even know places that can not be visited by ski or motorcycle. If we want new emotions, we can leave the station aside and practice this sport in the Aigüestortes National Park.

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