Snowmobiles in Cerler

If we are fond of snow sports or want to experience some less common than skiing or snowboarding, snowmobiling is a recommended activity. If our next travel destination is Aragón, we can do this sport at Celer Station located in the Benasque Valley.

Snowmobile in Cerler

Snowmobiles in Cerler

In the Celer Station We have one of the most impressive ski slopes in Spain. In addition, we will have all the necessary services, from accommodation to medical care stations. One of the main attractions of Cerler, apart from its ski slopes, are its tracks for snowmobiling.

In Cerler we can ride on snowmobiles within a path that has been made with a special machine in order to provide visitors with total security.

Here we expect more than eight kilometers of track (Ampriú Circuit) full of fast curves, imposing climbs, also some slower and smoother, all ideal to enjoy the landscape while doing this activity that will generate a great adrenaline rush.

Snowmobiles in Cerler

Rent snowmobiles in Cerler

The practice of driving snowmobiles in Celer is done in two-seater motorcycles at a price of 40 euros per person for a rental of 30-45 minutes. Groups will regularly be organized to perform this sport in order to go along with a monitor throughout the tour.

If we are minors, we can only rent snowmobiles if we are in the company of an adult and if we are over fourteen. In addition, it is important to note that to ride the motorcycles they will ask us, not only to have ideal snow clothing – as if we were going to ski – but also to have special snow goggles and gloves, the same as if we do not have We can rent for an average of 5 euros each.


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