Snowmobiles in Formigal

If we are fans of adventure sports we can live an extreme experience in Formigal, destination where we will find ski resorts where we can drive snowmobiles within specially designed circuits.


Snowmobiles in Formigal

Although driving snowmobiles is simple, in Formigal we will find monitors that will guide us according to our level from beginner to expert. The motorcycles are designed for one or two people and we will even have the option of motorcycles and excursions for children.

In most cases we will leave on foot from the station to arrive at the place where the snowmobiles will be waiting for us. If we are looking for a tour of several hours, we must coordinate with the monitors so that we can alternate the excuse with a tour and lunch or dinner, this is especially when we reserve a group service.

Snowmobiles in Formigal

If we travel with children we should not worry because in Formigal there are special circuits for children from four to twelve years old.

Most services include day and night walks and prices range from 50 euros for a half hour and 85 euros per hour. If we want the motorcycle service for two people, prices range from 55 to 95 euros, respectively.

Rent snowmobiles

Snowmobiles Formigal

To drive snowmobiles we can visit Portalet Park in Formigal, here we can enjoy an experience tailored to us and the white landscapes we will travel. We will always be accompanied by a monitor and the opening hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Prices range from 55 euros per person and there are packages for groups of more than four people. To practice this sport it is advisable to wear comfortable and waterproof clothing, gloves, sunglasses and protective cream. Some of the accessories can be rented on the ski slopes although we must bear in mind that in high season the demand for accessory rental is higher.

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