Snowmobiles in Lleida

Those of us who are fond of speed and adventure sports, we enjoy outdoor sports, such as going full speed in a snowmobile while we enjoy the natural spaces that are conformed by beautiful landscapes that surround the snow slopes.

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Snowmobiles in Lleida

Lleida It is a destination in Catalonia where we can not only enjoy excellent skiing, since we will also have spaces where rent snowmobiles.

Within the recommended centers we have a Noguera Adventure. Located in El Pont De Suert, here we can rent motorcycles from 35 euros per hour and we will travel along a monitor the main snow-covered roads of the Boi Taull ski resort.

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Montgarri Outdoor. This center will take us through the best of the Plá de Beret circuit aboard powerful and fast snowmobiles. In addition to furrowing the snow-covered tracks, we can opt for other complementary activities, in addition, the snowmobile rental It can be done for a day or night tour.

If we hire the Montgarri Outdoor services, we can opt for its most popular activity called "Safari." In this excursion that lasts a little more than twenty-four kilometers, we cross the best of the Aran Valley and the Ribera de Noguera.

Driving Snowmobiles in Lleida

snowmobiles in lleida

If we have never climbed into one snowmobile and we prefer to go first through a more extensive course than those we regularly receive at the stations, we can opt for Snowmobile services Montgarri Beret. In this center we will have snowmobile driving courses from the most basic, in addition, we will go out to practice from the simplest tracks and with expert monitors.

On these guided excursions we will go through the natural spaces of the Montgarri Forest and we will have as destination the Refugi Juli Arnalot. (It is possible that on the tour we have a stop to take the snack or the meal, depending on the time we are on a walk)

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