Snowshoe Ride

If we like to practice skiing but we are looking for an activity that is more fun in a group, whether family or friends, we can opt for the snowshoe ride, an activity that can be enjoyed by inexperienced people as well as authentic mountaineers.

Snowshoe Ride

This activity is ideal for the moments when there are more low temperatures, since the ice will help us to slide, and we can even do an igloo on some mountain and enjoy the sky and hiking in snow-surrounded spaces.

What are snowshoes?

The snowshoes are made of plastic and aluminum and fit seamlessly to our mountain footwear, which will allow us to mobilize without sinking into the ascent, being the only requirement to practice being older than eight years and enjoy walking as We must have physical resistance.

To do a snowshoe ride we will have an instructor who will form the group by physical conditions, ages, etc; In addition, we will have access to a team consisting of rackets and canes. We should not believe that this practice is easier than skiing because if we take a route not suitable for our experience we could have problems, so it is ideal to always consult with the monitor.


Types of snowshoes

Although there are still scenarios where basic snowshoes are used or the original style being a piece of wood with ropes to tie it around the foot, currently, these have variants by design and by manufacturing material like most sports accessories.

Among the most popular snowshoe brands we find TSL. Generally, the models produced by this company have ease of size adjustment on the back of the racket, special adjustment on the heel, it has six fixing crampons per tooth system and, all this, within an approximate weight of six hundred grams the pair.

Another brand that stands out for its design is Quechua. The snowshoes of this company are distinguished by having a closure system that allows a better location and by its adjustment buckle that has a rear clip in order to have a double security system. It is important to indicate that the structure of the snowshoe is made of rubber, so the sliding will be easier and the snowshoe more resistant than other models.

practice with snowshoes

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