Sotavento Beach – Fuerteventura

The Leeward Beach It is located in the southeast, in the Jandia coastfrom the island of Fuerteventura. It measures just over a kilometer, but is part of an area of ​​20 uninterrupted kilometers of beaches of excellent quality.

It is a beach that It changes a lot with the tides, so when there is high tide the beach is greatly reduced and a tongue of sand forms, and at low tide the beach is immense and quite windy. The occupation is low despite being a semiurban beach and you can get there with the local bus.

Not only is one of the best beaches on the island, is among the best beaches in Europe. Its fine white sands are combined with calm waters for bathing despite the wind, very favorable for sailing sports. He Kitesurf World Championship It is held every year on this beach. To everything we must add the unbeatable green environment of its surroundings, of wonderful ecological wealth.

Here the nudists They find places of tranquility to spend the day and swimmers who do not want to take off their swimsuits live with them in harmony. Everyone has their space.

The clean seabed holds surprises for divers who find a true paradise here. If you don't have a team, hurry to get your snorkel and go exploring.

Sotavento Beach has All the services At our disposal, parking, security, lifeguards, sun loungers and parasols, and bars and restaurants where you can eat or drink. Get ready to have a great time, the atmosphere is the best.

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