Spa circuits in Granada

If we are looking to have a relaxing day and disconnect from everything that causes us stress, we can choose to spend a few hours in the spa circuits that we will find in various Spanish destinations such as Granada.

Most spa circuits include access to a water circuit, thermal bank and chromotherapy sauna session. The important thing in this activity is that water is the protagonist so we will have all the complementary elements to have a relaxing experience: aromatherapy, lights, treatments with massages, and in some cases selected music.

The spa circuits in Granada have a price that goes from 35 euros having among those recommended by the Hotel Villa Oniria (San Antón 28, 18005). The little cycle offered by this hotel begins with a few minutes of relaxation in the jacuzzi and then passes through the bithermal showers to finally go through a session through the thermal bank and the chromotherapy sauna.

Another recommended service is that of the Arab Baths «Palacio de Comares» of the Hotel Maciá Real de la Alhambra. This spa circuit is priced at 42 euros and includes Arab Circuit, fifteen minutes of relaxing massage and a jet shower massage.

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