Spa circuits in Tenerife

If you are thinking of visiting Tenerife to have a few relaxing days, you should visit the spa circuits that are usually offered in this wonderful place, with guides that will take you through the best and largest spa establishments in Europe, on a comforting visit and relaxing.

Spa circuits in Tenerife

Before immersing yourself in the adventure through the spa circuit, make sure you are informed about the different points and places you are going to visit. In general, the guides have a duration that reaches three hours at best. These guides are monitored by a group of specialists and professionals who will teach you the benefits of the spa.

A rather curious detail is that a good amount of spa provide free parking for those tourists who prefer to make the tour on their own. There are also some institutions that make discounts for non-residents.

Tenerife spa circuits

In this excursion through the spa circuits in Tenerife we ​​will see a good variety of urban spa, with a quite sophisticated and aesthetic style that includes thermal baths, massages, music therapy, among other activities.

Of course, the most beautiful and bubbling relaxation pools in the region, with steam mushrooms and a beautiful natural frame that will encourage you to take a dip. The same goes for the toning pool, the Roman bath, the Turkish baths, the Finnish sauna. The temple of showers, among others.

Spa circuits

As in any circuit, there are some considerations to take into account such as the office hours that are usually every day without exception, and the schedule (between 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.). Most tourists do not usually anticipate their reservation, so you will not need to worry about it. The circuits also include children from 8 years old, with some discounts for the family.

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