Spa in Bilbao

Among the offer of spas and spas in Bilbao highlights the Lasai Spa, whose objective is to contribute to improve the quality of life with a team of specialists that focus on achieving their well-being.

Spa in Bilbao escences

It is a circuit of hydrotherapy, massage and aesthetics. The rate of the hydrotherapy circuit is 32 euros.

Spa in Bilbao

Its modern facilities to relax and enjoy pleasant sensations. The circuit lasts 90 minutes, in which you can enjoy the benefits of water, stress, and improve your health. It will be really renovated.

Spa in Bilbao stones

The place has Roman bath and Turkish bath, in addition to humid heat rooms, where the body will eliminate toxins through sweating. The application of crushed ice on the body produces a thermal contrast that improves blood circulation.

Spa in Bilbao sauna

Then it goes through showers that combine cold and hot temperatures. For underwater massage you must enter a pool with pressure at different heights. Then there is the waterfall of shoulders and cervical jets.

Spa in Bilbao facial massage

Then he Jacuzzi with oxygenating bubbles. The visitor can enjoy a swimming pool with a high degree of salinity, a starry sky, relaxing music and aromatherapy to be completely relaxed.

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