Spa in Malaga

Near the city of Malaga there are several spas and spas which we can go to in times of stress or when we decide to treat ourselves.
One of them is the Water Paradise spa, which is accessed through the Mediterranean motorway in the direction of Almería or along the beach road N-340 also in the direction of Almería.

Spa in Malaga

The first thing this center offers is the whirlpool, whose temperature is 32 degrees. It involves going through different jets of water that are located in different areas of the body, from head to toe.

Spa in Malaga massages

The circuit is varied but may include contrast pools (hot and cold water), indicated to tone the muscles and relax the nervous system. You can also go through the jacuzzi, at 37 degrees of temperature, which relaxes the accumulated tensions. It also has sauna (ideal to purify the organism, regulate blood pressure, etc.).

Spa in Málaga hydrotherapy

It also has Turkish baths, which hydrate the skin quickly. It also includes a Scottish shower, which consists of a bithermal shower that provides different sensations (draining, circulatory, anti stress, etc.). Ideally, finish the circuit with a Massage relax or otherwise therapeutic.

SPA, Pool and Fitness Zone in Monte Málaga Hotel.

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