Spa spa

In Spain there are many places that They combine spas with spas. Both are designed to improve the health and well-being of customers. These are spaces in which One can relax and get out of the routine. The spas offer water-based treatments, called hydrotherapy, which focus many times on treating a specific ailment or just relax.

Spa spa

The spasInstead, they are focused on therapeutic treatment through massage sessions and also offer beauty, body and facial treatments.

Spa spa relaxing

There are totally natural spas, which are nestled in calm environments and whose waters flow spontaneously from springs. Many of its waters are high in minerals and serve to treat some diseases and ailments. It is mostly hot springs that serve as therapy (there are pools and showers and various water treatments).

Spa spa enjoying

But there are also urban spas, which are close to work or home, which is faster to go to take away the stress. However, it is not the same experience as a natural one.
Many of the spa spas of Spain they combine the offer of water treatments with massages, which ends in an incredible experience.

Calma Urban Spa.

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