Spa treatments

The spa treatments They can be divided into six categories.

The hydrotherapy circuit It uses water in different states and temperatures, so that the body is purified and defenses improve. It is a preparation to receive treatments.

Aromatherapy spa treatments

Then there are the massages, which stimulate emotions and at the same time relax. Aromas and oils are used. It serves to give balance.

Spa treatments massages

Next is the exfoliating therapy, It helps clean the top layer of skin that is dry or dead. Then you will get smooth skin.

Relax spa treatments

Can also be found enveloping therapies, in which creams and other products are applied on the skin to cover the body and act directly on the pores. Purifies the skin and helps lose weight.

Spa treatments facial therapy

The facial therapy apply more carefully the same elements as the rest of the body, improve texture and even remove spots and wrinkles.

Yoga spa treatments

Finally, in a spa you can find courses and classes, activities that help us reach the inner balance. For example, yoga, tai chi, meditation or painting classes.

Facial beauty treatment.

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