Space nightclub

After the new night fun alternatives that came to Ibiza Through the years, many halls and clubs of this island had to go through a process of change in the musical offer and parties. Between them, Space Ibiza your proposal has changed for good (despite having been successful in past seasons with Carl Corx & Friends, La Troya, We Love and Matinée).

Space disco jumping

This year 2009, on Sundays they keep the proposal of We Love Space and We Love Sundays, which was the star party of the room. The parties are no longer held in the outdoor areas in the “lost schedule”, under the sun and the abundant light of the afternoon.

Space dj disco

This nightclub continues to be one of the top world references in terms of avant-garde music and visual shows. His worldwide fame continues to grow. Their sessions, events and parties are recognized throughout the world, and they talk about Space Ibiza as one of the most representative scenarios of current music.

Space disco friends

In fact many lovers of the place remember with nostalgia the summer mornings in which they danced to the rhythm of the sun.

Space disco in Ibiza.

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