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Spain road map

In Spain you can access almost any area by road. However, before driving, you should consult a road map to decide what route to take. In this article, we show you some useful national and regional maps.

Below you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with in this article.

General map

The Spanish Road Network has more than 165,000 km spread throughout the country. Although the origin of the main ones is in Madrid, at present there are also transversal axes that do not pass through this city.

In the following map you can see the main roads from Spain (red lines), as well as the railroad track (black and white lines):

Of all this network, around 15,000 km are highways and highways, also known as large capacity roads. Therefore, Spain is one of the European countries with the highest number of kilometers of this type of roads.

The highways indicated as AP are paid, so you must pay a certain amount of money for driving through them.

These are some of the most important roads in the country and the start and end populations:

  • A1 North Highway: Madrid – Irún
  • A2 Northeast Highway: Madrid – French border
  • A3 Eastern Highway: Madrid – Valencia
  • A4 Southern Highway: Madrid – Cádiz.
  • A5 Southwest Highway: Madrid – Portugal
  • A6 Northwest Highway: Madrid – La Coruña
  • A7 Mediterranean Highway: Barcelona – Algeciras
  • A8 Cantabrian Highway: Galdácano – Baamonde
  • AP9 Atlantic Highway: Ferrol – Portugal

Most roads in Spain are in good condition, especially the main roads, so you can drive through them without any problem with any vehicle allowed.

Regional Maps

Not all roads are the responsibility of the State, but we also find regional, provincial and municipal networks, which depend on the organs of these territorial divisions.

One of the most complete networks is that of Catalonia, where we find highways, highways, national, regional and local roads. With this map you can get an idea of ​​the distribution of the main ones:

In this case, the center from which the main networks depart is Barcelona, ​​the capital of the community, while the interior does not have such optimal communication.

Also, although the islands belonging to Spain are small, they have their own roads. These are the main means of transportation in them. In the case of Menorca, on the Balearic Islands, we find these roads:

However, here we do not find highways or highways, so, if you drive on the island, remember that the maximum speed allowed is lower than in other parts of the country.

Each year, the Ministry of Development publishes on paper the Official Road Map. This provides numerous information. It also includes a DVD. You can buy it by clicking in this link.

Also, on the website of the DGT (Directorate General of Traffic) you can check updated information on the state of the roads. You can access through this link.

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