Spain ski resorts

Each time the winter season arrives, many of the cities of Europe they become an ideal destination for fans of ski, and the cities of Spain They are no exception. The most challenging stations and tracks in the region offer us a series of circuits that will make us vibrate from the adrenaline that is experienced during each tour.

Baqueira Beret

The winter season It is also a reason for travel agencies to dispute a tough competition with the best skiing offers. Sierra Nevada, Lleida and Huesca They are some of the busiest points for those who reach these destinations with the intention of sliding through the most dangerous mountains in the region.

Skiing in Spain

As we have mentioned in other opportunities, Spain is not only sun and beach, it also has large spaces to practice snow sports. Throughout the entire geography of this country we will find circuits to practice from snowboarding to skiing.

Many of these ski resorts have snow-generating systems so we can enjoy their facilities throughout the year – or at least most of the year. Below, we list the best ski resorts in Spain.

Skiing in Sierra Nevada

Spain ski resorts

Sierra Nevada It is the first point of our tour since this destination houses one of the ski resorts With the best conditions. The station enjoys an excellent atmosphere both day and night, as well as a variety of events and competitions mid-season.

In this destination we will find offers for trips of only girls, family, in groups, and if we want to buy products or merchandising we can do it with a 5% discount on the final price (if the purchase is greater than 600 euros).

Skiing in cerler

Another destination is Baqueira Beret, the same one that comes to our name if we think of the names of the most important Spanish professionals in white sport because it is one of their most popular destinations. Baqueira Beret is in the heart of one of the largest stations in Spain, where nature and landscapes are an excellent meeting point for the whole family.

Finally the Cerler station, located in the valley of Benasque, closes our route on the edge of a station with more than nine kilometers of black slopes, with the possibility of going to any of the snow services, from practices for rookies to strong skiing competitions (also organize events, concerts, children’s activities, excursions, among others).

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