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Spain is a destination where one of the most popular sports is skiing. Although, this country usually has extreme temperatures and in summer it is almost impossible to find snow, it has important mountain systems that are ideal for the practice of this sport. Within the most important ski slopes in Spain we have:

Baqueira - Beret

Sierra Nevada

This station has a slope greater than one thousand two hundred meters and is made up of almost eighty ski slopes. In these tracks we will have variations for all types of skiers, with 10 percent of them destined as beginners or easily. Adults must pay the price of 33 euros, while children have a price of 24 euros. Older adults should only cancel 27 euros.

Navacerrada Harbor

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San Isidro

This station is located in León in Spain and is characterized by an unevenness of just over six hundred meters atura. In total we will find 31 tracks being only twelve percent of them intended for skiers who are apprentices. Ticket prices have a cost similar to those of the other ski slopes, adults pay 23 euros and children 20 euros.

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Navacerrada Harbor

Located in Cercedilla, Madrid, this station is made up of nine ski slopes and has a slope of more than five hundred meters. Their tracks are recommended for intermediate skiers. Ticket prices range from 17 euros.

skiing in spain

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Sierra de Béjar – La Covatilla

Located in Hoya, Salamanca, this group of ski slopes is made up of 341 tracks, being an ideal destination for trainees or for those who already have a little experience because, it only has 15% of its ideal tracks for experts . In this destination, the tickets are priced at 35 euros for adults and 25 euros for children.

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Baqueira – Beret

In this ski resort, we will find a total of 78 ski slopes on a slope of more than a thousand meters. The prices per day -per person- range from 45 euros and usually have discount promotions for groups of more than six people, which makes it ideal for a trip with friends or family. Other popular activities in Baqueira – Beret are snowboarding and snowshoeing.

Ski resort Sierra Nevada

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