Spas – Andorra

Andorra It has beautiful natural landscapes where in turn there are very good spas, places where you can go to enjoy an excellent moment of relaxation while taking care of your health.

Spas in Andorra

Caldea spa

You can find this spa anywhere in the country. It has modern and amazing facilities where you can enjoy the benefits of hot Springs either inside or outside the premises, as it also has lagoons outside the spa for those who wish to admire the landscape. They also have services such as saunas, various types of bathrooms (Icelandic, sirocco), jacuzzi, among others.

Spas in Andorra tired legs

Spa Spa Grau Roig

It is also a hotel and It is more than 2 thousand meters high, which gives it some appeal.
Within its services it has everything related to remove stress from its visitors and improve muscle aches, but they also perform aesthetic treatments.

Spas in Andorra resting

Spa Spa Panorama

It is located right in the center of Andorra, which gives it a magnificent landscape towards the mountains of the Principality. This, also hotel, has ample places and is considered both familiar and sporty.
It has services for both beauty and relaxation.

Beautiful play of lights in the spa of Caldea in Andorra.

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