Spas – Orense

Arnoia Caldaria Spa

This spa has its doors open every day of the year and is located in the middle of a beautiful area full of gardens, mountains and trees.
Here you can treat dermatological problems, stress, aesthetics, among others; for which there are various showers, bathrooms, gym, swimming pools, saunas and others.
Address: CL Outerio Cruz s / n – 32417, Arnoia, Pray.

Spas in Orense

Carballino Spa

It has beautiful natural environments, close to the Suido Mountains. Among its main services are whirlpools, and showers.
If you want to relax and get away from the routine, you can go any day of the year.
Address: Carbanillo – 32500, Carbanillo, Orense.

Spas in Orense massages

Portovia Caldas Spa

His style is very unique, since it is set as the Roman era, because it dates from that time, since then it is known as the Port of life. It’s like a rural spa And it is very visited by tourists.
They treat skin problems, circulatory systems, nervous system, among others.

Spas in Orense resting

Lobios Caldaria Spa

The environment is completely ideal to rest and be able to relax completely, the whole place and its surroundings are guarded.
The services they offer are aesthetic, rehabilitation, among others.
Address: Riocaldo s / n – 32870, Wolves, Pray.

Las Burgas, hot springs that are located in the city of Orense.

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