Spas – Zaragoza

Sicily Spa

Located in the Mesa River Valley, in turn being a hotel, it has modern facilities in a beautiful place whose landscape is really magical and that helps a lot to relax.
It also has some tourist sites nearby such as the Monasterio de Piedra, the Reserve of Griffon Vultures and the Swamp of the Tranquera.
Address: Jaraba – 50237, Jaraba, Zaragoza.

Spas in Zaragoza

Termas Pallarea Spa and Cascadas Hotel.

It is facing the Thermal Lake, so the hotel has a good view of this lake. Among its services are the thermal baths, the sauna, massages, pressotherapy treatment for tired legs and everything related to body beauty.
Address: Av. Constitución 20 – 50230, Alhama de Aragón, Zaragoza.

Spas in Zaragoza

Paracuellos de Jiloca Spa

Located next to Jiloca River, the spa is also surrounded by ample space with green areas available for visitors to walk around.
Apart from its facilities and wonderful services such as the gym, bathrooms and others, you can also enjoy their promotions.
Address: Paracuellos de Jiloca – 50342, Pacuellos de Jiloca, Zaragoza.

Spas in Zaragoza facial cleansing

Paracuellos de Jiloca Spa Construction.

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