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Sports tourism in France

France It is a country where sport is lived and practiced with intensity. There is no destination in this country that does not include a special program to enjoy a tourist experience full of excitement and adrenaline in everything related to sports, so it is convenient to review the main sport activities that we can find in France.

If you are looking for the most important sporting events in France, then there is nothing better than going to the Paris-Nice Route and the Tour de France, two cycling circuits that take place between May and July of each year. The experience of a international competition and of great prestige will allow you to enjoy a superior and unprecedented level within the sports world.

The Tour de France It is developed throughout the national territory, with a period of three weeks from the month of July. It is usually divided into different stages that include a good number of cities to go; This competition has a history of 96 uninterrupted events with the exception of those that were not held during the World wars. In the case of Paris-Nice circuit The tour is shorter and shorter. The history of this competition dates from 1933 and takes place during the month of May.

Lovers tennis they also have a special place to go to one of the sports events most prestigious of the year, we refer to Roland Garros, which takes place in Paris and brings together the best characters in this sport of global importance. The workshops and tennis courts are the order of the day and for everyone the budgets, it’s just a matter of finding the right one.

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