Culture and traditions

Street art in Ustica

The facades and sides of the house of Ustica, are profuse and artistically painted. A lady, when I was admiring the image that appears next, told me that she was prettier before, because her colors were more vivid. In it, you can read: Dedicated to this beautiful island. With signature and date: 9 – 96.-

I imagine that living in the house of the following photograph should be great.

The mosaic of the following photograph has plasticity and if we look, we will see the volcanic stone, used to build houses, make roads and streets, raise fences … (“The island is the tip of a submerged volcano.”)

Will it represent a dream or a reality?

Here its crystal clear waters and coral.

And here, finally, a drawing of the Island, with the cove, the Lighthouse, the Tower and the roads to explore and enjoy.

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