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Sunset landscapes

A sunset is none other than a magical closure to what could have been a wonderful day. And in the world there are several places that one can visit to feel really calm and in front of a fantastic panorama.

sunset nile

Paris on the one hand has an absolutely wonderful senit that can be best seen by visiting the Louvre and using the glass pyramid to reflect the light that is so perfect during these minutes of the day.

Paris is in France and is bathed by the Seine, famous for having served as inspiration for artists of all caliber.

paris sunset

Another destination to watch the sunset is the Nile, the largest river in Africa belonging to the Arab Republic of Egypt. Its waters partly cover the Sahara desert.

Its light sunset travels the waters of the Nile to finally hide behind a blanket of fog coming from the depths of this river famous for giving life to the farmland of the ancient Egyptians.

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