Surf Accidents

When summer comes, and the waves get smaller because the water temperature also increases, the practice of surf It can be affected, because all these reasons make the points where you practice this sport become saturated. Then the number of accidents increases.


The author of Surfers ’Survival Guide, Guillaume Barucq, a renowned French surfer, conducted a study on this subject. Specifically about the accidents suffered by surfers on the Basque-French coast.

surf accidents

One of his conclusions was that in one in three surf accidents, a beginner turned out to be involved. Which indicates that the one who starts in this sport has high chances of getting injured, and this taking into account that those beginners are only a small part of the surfers.

surfing accidents falling off the board

Another indicator of saturation at surfing points is that the 17% of accidents They are produced by collisions between surfers themselves.

surfing accidents being bounced by a wave

If we talk about severity, your study indicates that one in four cases, the injury caused by the accident is serious. The most common are cervical sprains, wounds near the eyes, etc. Most accidents are accompanied by head and face wounds. Two out of three times, the board itself is responsible for the injuries.

Kite Surf fatal accident.

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