Surf in Morocco

Moroccoat north of Africa, Not only does it stand out for its desert area and the tropical forest is also a destination known for its perfect waves, which can be found on several of its beaches. In AgadirAbove all, the beaches are covered by athletes. It is a reference for European surfers, especially Spanish.

Surf in Morocco

There are sites with series of waves perfect for surfing in peace. It’s hard to find someone fighting waves together and irregularly, as in other places. The best time to practice this sport is in autumn, which goes until March. The conditions are bad the rest of the year.

Surf in Morocco out of the sea

After the big waves arrive and hit The Atlantic coast goes to Agadir. If the traveler takes a walk in the north, you can find a good spot for surfing, even world class. Agadir is a good place to practice the surf, not for international contests.

Surfing in Morocco in the waves

There are typical places in Morocco where waves break and surfers of all kinds come. They are all over the coast.

Surfing on the beaches of Morocco.

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