Surf in Somo

Arriving at the natural paradise of Cantabria, represents endless opportunities for every traveler, from ecological walks through the high mountains, architectural trips through the different and several monuments, visiting the small towns, their churches, their medieval streets to a high menu of adventures.

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A trip to Cantabria is often organized with the purpose of enjoying the temperate and adventurous sea of ​​the Cantabrian coast. For this, it is enough to go to the beaches of Somo at the tip of the coast.

On the beaches of Somo, there is a wide variety of settlements dedicated to the passion for surfing, such as schools where in a couple of hours you can already be enjoying more qualification of the sea, after taking a small introductory course if you are a beginner. Now while you go for the pleasure of traveling and immersing yourself in the waters, or you already have the experience of surfing, then there are also shops where the suits are rented plus the boards for a price that ranges between € 50 and € 75 euros per day .


For all those travelers who plan the trip in advance and take a few days on the beaches of Somo, the Cantabrico Surf School offers the modality of camping near the beach.

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