Surf in the North of Spain!

Now that the Summer Vacation many of you consider some trips to the warm and beautiful coasts to the south of Spain … but that woe to the north huh !!!

Surf in the North of Spain!

The north of Spain is one of the most beautiful places in terms of natural beauty, offering wide and vast valleys that function as natural parks such as “Carvaceno“High mountains covered with white snow, as magnificent as their own”Picos de Europa”And of course some of the most beautiful beaches, in the Cantabrian Coast. From it, comes “we are”Favorite place for surfers, also easily accessible. To arrive, you must be located in the Cantabrian capital of Santander, from where you can take a bus or a boat, where both will charge you the modest sum of 2.50 euros per route, arriving you will have to go to the second line of the beach where You will find a couple of surf schools in Cantabria that will teach you everything you need by renting equipment, with professional instructors, who enjoy surfing just like all of you!

Photos of the Surf Course

So venture to do Surf in Northern Spain!

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