Surfing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica It is considered the paradise of surfers. It is a top destination in terms of surf, the world leader. Its clean beaches are perfect for the practice of this sport because of the breaking point, the breaking of the beach and precise right and left. Here are the most challenging waves on the planet.

Surfing in Costa Rica

This country enjoys a relaxed coastal climate. Temperature of the water is warm most of the year, in the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. There are at least 50 famous breaking points for the surf.

Sunset Costa Rica surfing

In addition, its beaches are less congested than other places like Hawaii, Sydney and Southern California. The offer of accommodation is cheaper and has resorts and hotels, rental shops for surfing equipment.

Surfing in Costa Rica to practice

The surfing season is not very long in the Caribbean / Atlantic coasts of Costa Rica. Many of these waves are caused by tropical storms of Mexico. On the Pacific coast, the waves are usually smaller and at the same time more consistent, which are generated by the low pressures that come from New Zealand. The months of greatest waves are from December to April.

A day of surfing in Costa Rica.

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