Surfing in London

For all those adventurers who enjoy the sea, who discover the excitement of climbing a huge wave and then gliding along it with beautiful thanks and softness to feel the adrenaline of surfing.

Well, there is a new destination that proposes a quite ideal and fantastic alternative for all those who travel in cold seasons like winters and propose a trip in which the waves are not enough to enjoy them … but with greater focus, What happens to those regular surfers, who reside in places on the planet where surfing does not happen …? Like in London? Or if you travel to the cold region and want to leave the tedious industrial and executive world … well in a couple of years, the most recent construction of the wave center in East London will be completed.

Surf Photos

London is already characterized by having in addition to its executive world and its climate, an interior scene that “Emulates” so to speak many of the environments to enjoy with the family or the adventures that occur outdoors, BUT inside! As for example, there is the replica of the Alpine mountains where you can ski on ice and snow, but indoors … now the project is an interior paradise with palm trees, sands, small shops and others to simulate a tropical environment inside!

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