Swiss ski slopes

When winter comes it is a good time to look for our skis – or rent some – and enjoy the snowy mountains of Europe.

If we are fond of winter sports and are traveling – or for planning a trip – to Switzerland, we must reserve a few days to enjoy some of the ski resorts that this country has, some of them are considered as having the best ski slopes Then the recommended clues.

Most important ski resorts in Switzerland

Valais Region – Crans-Montana. This ski slope has hosted international championships such as the World Ski Championships, and is one of the largest in Europe and has a privileged view of Mont Blanc.

Of its extension, we can mention that it has more than one hundred and sixty kilometers of tracks, the same ones that house the most modern electronic ski lifts. If we are looking for other activities besides skiing, in this track we will find a great variety of cultural activities.

Les Diablerets

Zermatt It houses more than two hundred and forty kilometers of skiing and is in operation throughout the year, in addition, in Zermatt we will find all kinds of services such as accommodation, medical centers, ski lessons or other winter sports, equipment rental, and more than fifty restaurants Close to the area.

Davos station. Here the modernity of the track structures is combined with a unique natural landscape, all distributed along its more than three hundred kilometers of ski slopes. In addition, we will find many nightlife offers such as bars and restaurants and an interesting hotel offer.

Arosa A little over eighteen hundred meters above sea level, we find the holiday paradise of Arosa. It has restaurants, leisure areas, accommodations and others, in addition to having ideal spaces not only for skiing, but also activities such as snowshoes and snowmobiles.

Les Diablerets If we are fond of winter sports or nature lovers, we will find on this ski slope everything necessary to spend an excellent holiday. Activities such as ice climbing and snow bicycles stand out.

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