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Sydney Weather

The city of Sydney It is located in the southern hemisphere. Sydney’s climate is mild. But sometimes the weather changes and droughts or floods occur due to heavy rains.

Sydney’s climate is distinguished by having summers with average heat and cool winters, with the presence of rain or snow at any time of the year.

Sydney temperate climate

Because Sydney is very close to the sea, and its geographical location determines a very good climate, where temperatures have a pleasant average of 18 to 25 degrees Celsius during the summer months and 8 to 16 degrees Celsius during winter.

Summer runs from November to February and winter from June to August. The city is not affected by cyclones or telluric movements, but by the phenomenon of The child It brings strong hail and wind storms.

Strolling through Sydney

The perfect time to travel to Sydney is mid-spring and autumn, between March and April, and also between October and November. Sydney’s climate is mild, with 25 degrees Celsius average temperature. Winters are cool instead of cold and summers can reach temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius.

In June and July the days get dark very early before 5:00 pm, the stores close their doors at that time and there are hardly many people on the streets.

The weather improves in August, and it gets dark later, you will be able to see people walking on the beaches.

Sydney Beaches

In the days of September, October and November, they are spring days but it is better to wear a coat to wear in the afternoon. This time of the year is pleasant and you can enjoy the sea.

Between December and January you can reach temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius. Summer is humid so you sweat more, but there are many swimming pools and beaches to cool off. During these days it gets dark after 9:00 p.m. People keep walking in the streets until late at night.

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