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Tahiti tourist guide

Tahiti belongs to France and is the largest island in French Polynesia. Tahiti It is located on the islands of the Society and has Papeete as its capital. This island has French as its official language and is a tourist destination chosen by fans of beaches, nature, and green tourism in general.

How to get

Almost no city in the world has direct flights to Tahiti so the best option is to travel, if we are in Europe, to France and from there take a flight that takes us to Tahiti Airport.


Tahiti has a tropical climate and its average temperature is 25 ° C. Between June and October is the ideal season to travel to this destination because it is a time when there is usually no rain and the weather is dry.


In Tahiti there are a number of accommodation offers among which we will surely find one that fits our budget. The 3 or 4 star hotels in front of the beach and the cabin-type hotels that are usually family-type pensions stand out.


If we travel from Spain it is important to know that you have a Tahiti a difference of ten hours less, being the difference of twelve hours in summer.

What to see

When traveling to Tahiti it is important to know that its main tourist attractions are related to beaches and green tourism. In addition, we cannot miss visiting its islands, natural excursion areas and countless paradisiacal areas to enjoy the sun, the beach and the contact with nature.

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