Tamadaba Natural Park – Gran Canaria

The Tamadaba Natural Park covers the municipalities of Agaete, Artenara and St. Nicholasin the northwest region of the Gran Canaria Island.

Tamadaba Park, Gran Canaria Island

Formed by steep massifs and ravines, it has an area of ​​7,539 hectares. It is populated by a Canarian pine forest that is the most extensive and best preserved, and inside there are several artificial dams of great importance for life on the island.

Pines of Tamadaba

It not only encompasses the highest areas, but also the ravines and coastal cliffs that reach the sea, from the Agaete Valley until the El Perchel ravine, in San Nicolás de Tolentino.

Tamadaba Natural Park

Among the most prominent sites we can name the mountains of Altavista, Tirma and Tamadaba, the area of The risk and the Guayedra Valley, where we can appreciate some archaeological remains. In the Cliffs of the Andén Verde and Punta de las Arenas There are some interesting dunes of the Quaternary. But it would be impossible to name the infinity of valleys, mountains, calderas, plateaus and ravines that have infinite appeal to visit. Geological wealth has no end in this Park.

Tamadaba picnic

In Tamadaba there are picnic areas with barbecues, drinking water and toilets, to enjoy excursions in the region, and also suitable for accommodation (Loin Carballo). Hiking is another of the possibilities to explore the Park, we can find viewpoints from which to appreciate panoramic landscapes.

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