Tasty corners of Italy in Madrid

They say that an exquisite aroma attracts anyone. The restaurants of Italian food They know it well. Whether it’s a weekend or a business day, locals don’t stop trying the delicious pastas, risottos and pizzas that these establishments offer.

Let’s meet some of these tasty corners:

Danieli: Located on Calle O’Donnell, 46. This restaurant offers you a pleasant space and a tenure 24 hours a day. The prices per person of your good dishes can vary between 20 and 25 euros. Do you accept credit cards.

Carpaccio: This Italian restaurant has a freer style. Located on Sor Ángela de la Cruz street, 8, it offers you menus for groups and special dishes. It is also one of the most comfortable in Madrid.


Nabucco: This restaurant is characteristic for its variety of dishes. You will find from meats to pasta, while missing special offers. Pleasant atmosphere It is located on Hortaleza Street, 108, in the area known as Alonso Martínez.


Bice Madrid: Very famous restaurant for its Milanese trattoria, cottage cheese tortellini, Carpaccio with red meat and mushrooms and Ravioli with mushroom sauce. It is located in C / Genoa, 19, Alonso Martinez-Chueca. You can find dishes from 35 euros.


L Artists: If you like luxury this restaurant will be your favorite. Located in José Abascal, 37.Chamberi – Madrid. Their dishes can cost between 30 and 39 euros, but the delicious creations and the kind attention make the costs worthwhile. let’s see a video of the service:

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