Taxi – Alicante

A very comfortable way to get around the city of Alicante It is by taxi. The cars are white and have a red stripe painted on the front door, with a luminous sign on the roof.

It is very simple to approach one in the street, simply by gesturing with the hand. Another possibility is at the many stops throughout the city or at the Airport.

The vehicles carry a mandatory meter and the rate table. To guide you, we give you the rules in 2010. The descent of the flag, € 1.65, per kilometer traveled, € 0.96, the minimum race, € 3.60 during the day and € 4.80 at night or holidays . As an example, the race between the Airport and the city is about € 17.

Business phones:
Radio Taxi Alicante. Tel. – 96 5910123/5252511
Tele Taxi Alicante. Tel. – 96 5101611/5101029/5101237
Alicante Taxi Area. Tel. – 96 5910591

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