Taxi – Athens

The taxis yellow in Athens They are very common and reasonably cheap. The starting price is one euro. There are two types of tariffs, the first is within city limits – including the airport. This has a cost of 0.34 euros per kilometer. The second rate is out of town or from midnight to 5 in the morning and is at 0.64 euros per kilometer. The minimum amount to pay is 2.65 euros.

Athens taxi

Although fraud has been reduced, you must always be aware. Check that the meter is at zero and that it is with the correct ratio. In some very tourist places some will want to put you a much higher ratio. It is better to look for another cab and insist on official ratios. If you think they have charged you too much, they are required to give you a ticket. You can use it along with its license plate number to notify the police at 171.

When a cab is free, the signal of “CAB” it’s on. If it’s busy and you call it, it’s normal to stop and I asked you where you’re going. If it matches the passengers it carries, it will take you.

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