Taxi – Bilbao

The taxis from Bilbao They are spread over stops all over the city. They do not usually circulate looking for customers, so to get one it is always better to go to a taxi stop or phone You will recognize them for being cars white.

The main Business from cab They are as follows:

  • Radio Taxi Bizkaia-Teletaxi (Telephone: 944102121 and 944218750)
  • Radio Taxi Bilbao (Phone: 944448888)
  • Radio Taxi Femade (Phone: 944800909)
  • Radio Taxi Nervión (Phone: 944269026)

There are 2 types of tariffs: daytime and nighttime. The first, from 07:00 to 23:00, has a cost per kilometer of 0.65 euros and the second, from 23:00, has a cost of 0.89 euros. While the Bilbao taxis they do not charge for the concept of “flag down”, they do charge a “minimum run” of 3.61 euros (daytime) and 4.38 euros (nighttime). Holidays, Sundays and Saturdays after 1:00 p.m., count as rate nocturnal

A recent study found that taxis from Bilbao they were some of the ones that incurred more faults in Spain. While the taximeters they are always visible; the tariffs do not. In addition, they used to take longer routes. Therefore it is recommended to give instructions on the route and, at the end of the race, ensure that the receipt includes information on the cab.

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