Taxi – Brussels

The taxis in Brussels They come in all shapes and colors. They do not have any type of marks on the doors, look at the white, yellow and blue triangle on the ceiling.

Brussels taxi

All the taxis They have taximeters and you don’t need to tip. Currently, the standard rate is € 2.40 from which the cab. They are € 1.35 per kilometer within the 19 communes; and € 2.70 out of them. Between 10pm and 6am an additional € 2 is charged to the price. The driver has the obligation to activate the meter when you get on the cab and give you a receipt at the end of the trip.

There are additional costs that must be taken into account. If your plane is delayed the additional charge may be € 25 plus parking. Therefore always confirm the final price with the driver before getting into the taxi. It is always cheaper to book a cab Than ask for one in the street.

Brussels street

There is a service of taxis and minibuses in the Brussels International Airport that takes you to the center of Brussels for € 55, lower price than the € 90 of a cab conventional. His website is as follows:

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