Taxi – Buenos Aires

The Buenos Aires taxis They are a comfortable way to get around the city, especially at peak times that is when public transport is saturated, and at night.

There are a huge amount of vehicles, at the stops and on the streets, circulating continuously. We can call a Radio taxi, by phone or board them on the street. They are easily recognized because they are black with yellow painted ceiling and carry a red light signal above the meter.

The tariffs Flag down are at $ 4.60 (US $ 1.20 or € 1.00) and $ 0.46 (US $ 0.12 or € 0.10) for every 200 meters traveled. They are very low rates compared to other major cities in the world. Keep in mind that you must pay, in all cases, what the meter indicates, which is mandatory to turn on at the time of boarding the passenger.

Another possibility that exists in Buenos Aires is the patches, rental cars with driver, which are associated with agencies. They have no identifier color and are usually cheaper than taxis. They must be requested by telephone or in the offices of the agencies and you can know the rates, which vary according to the kilometers, before starting the trip.

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