Taxi – Florence

Getting around by taxi in the center of Florence It can be quite economical and comfortable, since they are enabled to move through closed areas to ordinary traffic.

Taxi in Florence

Taxis are white and have a yellow badge on the doors and a luminous sign on the ceiling. There are stops throughout the city and many of them are 24 hours, as is the case of the Santa MarΓ­a Novella Station. You can call them by phone:

Radio Taxi Co.Ta.Fi.: Tel. 055 4390.
So.Co.To.: Tel: 055 4242 and 055 4798.

Taxi fares

They have the obligation to carry the rate chart in sight and taximeter, you will pay what it indicates. If you have any questions about the fare, ask for an invoice with the taxi license number and the amount paid. We leave you the photos of the official rates. Note that there are many authorized supplements, which significantly increases the addition.

Florence rates

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